Featured Speaker Announcement

 Featured Speaker Announcement

For this summit, we knew we wanted to go bold. Who could join us on the Main Stage to speak from an entrepreneur perspective, who also knew first-hand or witnessed the blatant barriers to access and opportunity for BIPOC communities, especially women?

We’re excited to announce our Featured Fireside Speaker, Fawn Weaver!

When you are an African American or woman who has figured out a pathway to success within an industry that has historically been reserved for white males, it becomes your responsibility to turn around and pull as you climb – Fawn Weaver

Martha Stewart’s Self Made

Fawn Weaver is the CEO and Founder of Grant Sidney and Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey and the first African-American woman to lead a major spirits brand that is also the only American spirits brand with an all-female executive team

Read more about our Featured Fireside Speaker, Fawn Weaver, on our Speakers page, here.

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